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Welcome! I’m looking forward to sharing information on interesting companies, organizations, and people that are making a difference in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. These postings do not imply any endorsement, but are simply stimulating and thought-provoking articles to inform our members and to educate us. We have an important mission. To create change, we must be aware of those that are already creating change.

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Highlights in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

American Sign Language...Translated

Since the COVID-19 pandemic locked us in our homes, we’ve learned how to work and live remotely. We’ve had virtual happy hours and virtual family gatherings. For those that were not essential workers, we figured out how to work from home regularly. 

Technology supported these changes as rapidly as they came. But technology had been advancing in many ways prior to the pandemic, such as real-time translation between two foreigners when visiting a foreign country. Or wayfinding, which provided standard scripts and prompts for use by multiple vendors. Such programs make it easy for someone with vision loss to get the same information when visiting multiple city subways, which makes it easier to get around. An engineering student, Priyanjali Gupta, who is in her third-year at the Vellore Institute of Technology, in Tamil Nadu, India, recognized the challenge and opportunity, and created an AI model that translates American Sign Language into English. Her pre-trained model translates immediately. Read more at Interesting Engineering

Ageism, Reverse Ageism, and Bias in Hiring

Should job seekers consider eliminating factors in their resume that reveal age? Age-related factors in hiring are tricky given that recruiters may have subconscious biases. Some recruiters are sifting through hundreds of resumes and may make age-related assumptions about candidates. So, how do you combat these factors if you are starting your career or you are more experienced?  Click here to read more from the BBC on ageism, the hiring process, and some tactics to use in your resume.

So, What is "femtech?"

“Femtech” is one of the newest areas of focus for companies investing in technologies that aim to address health issues, such as fertility, menstrual cycles pregnancy, breastfeeding, health care management for babies and infants, cancer screening, and contraceptives to name a few. This type of technology affects cisgender women, but also can help intersex and transgender people.

Listen to the Marketplace Tech podcast between Monique Mrazek, senior global health tech industry specialist for the International Finance Corp., which is part of the World Bank Group, and Kimberly Adams, Correspondent for Marketplace.

Or, read the transcript here.

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