Training Your Members to be Magnifiers

Your membership can be an untapped source of marketing, promotion, and support for your organization. Members come from diverse backgrounds and their experience and skills can create a set of tools for your organization’s toolbox. Additionally, member connections can help you amplify your message.

New Member Outreach

Are you looking for a new committee or board member? Scope out the skill set and expertise you’re looking for and start asking your members for help. Ask your members if they know a CFO from a previous job. Reach out to check if they are familiar with someone from the IT industry. And ask them if they’d mind sharing your call for nominations with friends? When you get members involved in your outreach, you can amplify your message and reach new audiences.

Create a Toolkit

Provide your members with an outreach toolkit. Members can be your best bet in finding new members. To help them succeed, provide them with a template letter, email, or social media post to use. You can also develop a membership prospectus, outlining the many benefits your organization provides to its members. Ask your members to post and share the prospectus with others. Also ask them to speak on your organization’s value and to use the prospectus as a guide. This combined with a strong elevator speech – pre-drafted by you – will help them be a strong ambassador for your organization.

Develop a Prospectus

Developing a ‘convince your boss prospectus’ can also be helpful. This document outlines how participation with your organization will benefit the organizations your members work for. Ask your current members for their feedback and insights. Once you have your prospectus ready, ask your members to share it with their companies. This will help highlight for companies the value your organization is bringing to their operations.

Finally, highlight your members and the successes they accomplish. Your members have gained valuable experience and growth through participation in your organization and their successes should be something for you to celebrate. Interview them for your monthly publication or post a recording of your conversation for your organization’s video or podcast feed.  Ask them to highlight how participation in your organization has helped them along the way and the value they’ve gained in being a member. Having a strong membership and successful members is a winning strategy for any organization and highlighting this to potential members is a winning strategy.

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