Tools for Successful International Collaborations

Gadgets, apps, and other tools can add efficiency to even the busiest schedule. Traveling abroad is hard enough, these tools will help you navigate, coordinate, and show up on time. This isn’t an exhaustive list, just a few we found to get you started. Check out the vendor websites for more info on how the tools work and how to get them, this isn’t a recommendation by Women in Standards, just a suggestion.

World Clock

I use the World Clock desktop app to help schedule meetings of team members from multiple countries and time zones. It’s super helpful to send out meeting options that list the time zones for each participant and makes it easier for them all to agree. I think seeing when everyone else will need to be on the call – early in the morning, late in the afternoon – makes everyone more thankful of the others’ sacrifices and contributions.

Every Time Zone

This app works similarly to the above and provides an option for you to share the link with others.

Country Navigator

This paid service has a few options including white papers, education and training, and information on different countries.


This app helps to beat jet lag by helping to transition from one time zone to another smoothly.

Currency Converter

Keep track of your euros, dollars, and other currently with this easy converter.


A downloadable app for your phone, this tool provides translation help, wifi calling, tips on local customs, and more.


This app will help you identify when to tip and how much when traveling abroad.

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