A Standards Developing Organization (SDO) is an entity that creates and/or publishes standards. (SOURCE: ISO/TS 27790:2009, 3.70) Standards support a wide range of industries throughout the world. They bring value to you and others by establishing the rules, guidance, and processes that industry uses to provide products and services.

Some standards developers provide opportunities for the general public to submit comments on their standards. They do this because your voice matters and they want to hear your thoughts on how to make the standard a better fit for you and your needs.

You can volunteer your expertise by providing feedback on standards developed by standards developing organizations.

Women in Standards Makes it easy by maintaining a list of standards that are currently available for review and public comment.

Not sure how to share your feedback with standards developers? Women in Standards has developed a guide to assist you. 

Things to consider when reviewing a draft standard:

    • Are all requirements in the document something you as a user can meet, that you’d like a product or service to meet, or can reasonably be assured?
    • Is the language used clear and easy to understand?
    • Is the standard as a whole something you can support if it were to become mandatory? (Many standards are voluntary, meaning those using them choose to do so, but standards can sometimes become mandatory if a government boy or other organization requires them)

These basic questions will help you to develop your suggestions and feedback.¬†Need additional guidance? Join the Women in Standards, we’re here for you.

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