Simplifying Standards Development

Simplifying Standards Development

A Case Study of Less Lethal Impact Munition Standards

On August 25, 2020, the Women in Standards was honored to host Cassandra Robinson, Physical Scientist in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standards Coordination Office, as she discussed her work in standards development.

Cassy provided a review of two approaches to forming a strong standards team cheerfully referred to as full-caff and half-caff, a fun reference to coffee. The presentation also included practical tips for getting the right people involved, keeping volunteers engaged, and getting stakeholder buy-in.

One important element to Cassie’s presentation was the need for leaders to share the vision with participants and frequently. As part of this, leaders should ensure participants understand the big picture and also the goals, approach, and benefits that they and their organization will gain by participating.

When preparing for meetings, Cassie stressed that it’s important to always have an agenda, to prepare beforehand to ensure you are informed as to the status of projects and action items, and to send the minutes from meetings to participants right away. It’s also important to publicly acknowledge the contributions of participants and thank them for their work.

Our thanks to Cassie for the informative presentation, to view the full recording, click play in the window above.

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