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Women in Standards - Previous Events


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2021 July

Interview with Kathryn Miller

Ms. Miller discusses her work to develop a NIST guidance on using inclusive language

View the recording

Interview with Kathryn Miller

2021 June

Innovations in Standards – Turning Paper Documents into Vehicles for Innovation

View the recording

Event Innovations in Standards

2021 May

Codes and Standards: How are they Different and How are Codes Developed?.

Presented by Sara Yerkes, ICC – Recording and Summary Page

Codes and Standards coverart

2021 April

Standardization in China and the Geopolitics of Standards Development.

Presented by Dr. Tim Nicholas Rühlig – Recording and Summary Page

Geopolitics of Standards

2021 March

Interview with Darlene Allen, the National President of the National Association of Parliamentarians

View the recording

Interview with a parliamentarian, Darlene Allan, National President of the NAP

2021 March

The role of Standards Development within a Quality Infrastructure Framework.

Presented by Warren Merkel – Recording and Summary Page

Recording of Quality Infrastructure, a virtual tutorial

2021 February

Engaging Stakeholders, Lessons Learned from Member Onboarding and Retention

View the recording

2020 November

How the WTO TBT and Free Trade Agreements Support Standards

Presented by Jennifer A. Stradtman and MaryAnn Hogan – click here for a written summary of the presentation.

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2020 October

Developing Standards at IEC

Presented by Jan-Henrik Tiedemann, Head of the IEC Academy – view the recording 

Advert for Webinar on IEC

2020 September

Etiquette in Standards Development, Encouraging Discussion without Disdain

View the recording

Intro Slide to the 2020 May webinar

2020 September

Navigating Change in Times of Uncertainty

Presented by Mary Lou Meddaugh – view the recording

2020 August 

Simplifying Standards Development: A Case Study of Less Lethal Impact Munition Standards

Presented by Cassandra Robinson – view the recording

Introductory slide to the 2020 August webinar

2020 May

Chairing an ISO Committee

Presented by Kate Dolan – view the recording

Intro Slide to the 2020 May webinar

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