19 October 2020

Introducing IFAN to Women in Standards

IFAN, the International Standards Users Network, is an independent, non-profit-making international association.  Membership is comprised of national standards users’ groups, companies, professional and trade associations, and governmental agencies, all concerned with the use of standards.  IFAN also has several associated members who have been given associate membership by the Board for their work for IFAN.

Image of IFAN members
IFAN members at the 45th Member’s Assembly in Geneva

IFAN was founded in 1974 when eleven national standards organizations met in Paris for an International Conference.  It has memorandums of understanding with ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC, and works closely with these organizations. Leadership is provided by a President and Board, all volunteers, who oversee IFAN work by way of regular meetings.

IFAN carries out its work through a number of working groups.  These groups meet to discuss specific issue for users.  The most active of these is the IFAN European Group which is concerned with European Standards. Participation is open to all members who have an interest. Currently the topic of interest to the group is of course Brexit and BSI’s continued participation in CEN-CENELEC.  The group also focuses on how the new UK standards and conformity requirements will impact manufactures both in the UK and elsewhere. The group regularly has guest speakers at its meetings.

Additionally the European working group has written a guide to writing user friendly standards which is in its second edition and largely informed CEN-CENELEC Guide 17.

New work includes a guide for those beginning to work in the European standards sector and it is hoped to publish this later this month.

IFAN has an Education and Training working group which recently published a guide to standards knowledge requirements of different roles in companies.  All IFAN’s Guides are available free of charge from our website on this page.

IFAN holds an annual meeting, the Member’s Assembly, which in normal times starts with a workshop or conference.  This year there was a short virtual meeting on 15 October, presentations from past Conferences and Workshops are also available on the IFAN Website on this page.

And lastly IFAN publishes a newsletter several times a year, as well as general IFAN news recent issues have included a series of articles on the impact of the Grenfell fire to standards. The Newsletter is also available on the website on this page.

Like to now more? Please contact us at: ifan@ifan.org

Andrea Beddard-Smith

Secretary to IFAN

Chair of the British Standards Society


Claudia Bach

IFAN Vice President

Representative of SES at IFAN

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