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Women in Standards is an inclusive organization.

For Women in Standards, Inclusive means covering or intended to cover all.

Ensuring that our membership and services are designed so that anyone can access them and are welcoming for all interested in participating and that we encourage others in the standards community to develop similar programs so that all people feel authentically welcomed.

Where we started

Women in Standards was formed to provide a safe space to grow and support the advancement of members. It began with a focus on women who continue to be under-represented in the standards world and has grown to include all underrepresented groups who wish to participate in standardization. 

More on our About page.

Where we're headed

Together we continue in this tradition of supporting those that feel under-represented by inviting persons from all walks of life to join our community. Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in standards development, gender neutral and gender-responsive standards, and inviting a diverse audience of volunteers to participate in standards.

We are looking internally at policies and processes and services that help support an inclusive environment and externally at how we can bring visibility to issues of inclusion and promote positive change.

How you can help

We need the assistance of a diverse group of people to:

    • Support the development of inclusive policies
    • Provide services to ensure an inclusive environment
    • Develop guidance for inclusion in standards development

If you want to support our mission to achieve more inclusion of all persons in standards development and to support the development of gender-responsive standards, then we encourage you to Join Today.

Want to be a part of change? Join us!

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