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January 2021

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Cannabis farming and processingKeeping the Fire off Cannabis – the NFPA is seeking input on a new standards project to address safety and fire protection at cannabis facilities. The proposed standard would provide guidance and support the industry in ensuring the safety of facilities. NFPA will be accepting feedback from the community until March 31. More here. 2021 January

Home Building with sustainable practicesUK Future Homes Roadmap – The United Kingdom rang in the new year this month by publishing “The Future Homes Standard: 2019 Consultation on Changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for New Dwellings.” As reported by Architects’ Journal, the document “sets out how, within four years, new housing must product 75-80 per cent less carbon emissions.” This ambitious plan includes a tiered-in approach for new buildings. First requiring in 2021 that new buildings produce 31 per cent lower carbon emissions, and then in 2025 all new buildings will be expected to use something other than fossil fuel heating. More here. 2021 January

Supporting AI Innovation – The IEC recently sat down with Jed Horner, Strategic Advocacy Manager for Standards Australia to discuss the role Standards Australia plays in supporting policy and contributing to innovation in the Artificial Intelligence sector. More here. 2021 January

History of Italian Standardization – The ISO celebrates 100 years of UNI standardization  with a look back at the long history of the standards development organization. UNI is planning additional events throughout their 100th year to highlight the role standardization has plays in society. More here. 2021 January

Suitcase and several passportsA New Standard for Travel – The EU confirms intent to set a bloc wide standard for vaccine passports. Vaccine passports will allow travelers to easily confirm with officials their vaccination status and may be a key element in reigniting travel among consumers. More here. 2021 January

Railway vehicles

Designing the Next Generation of Railway – TUV Rheinland InterTraffic to design standards and regulations for rail vehicles at the request of the German Center for Rail Transport Research. The standards will include designs to facilitate hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and will be developed by an interdisciplinary group formed by TUV Rheinland. More here. 2021 January

Tech Innovation

Managing Data in Electric Vehicles – The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) launched this week a new committee on emerging technologies data standards which will establish terminology, workflows, requirements and more for data in collision industry technology. More here. 2021 January

Transitioning to Hands Free Safely in the Robotics and Automation Industry  – Marking the successful completion of a four-year process, the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) Announced this week the publication of their standard ANSI/RIA R15.08-1-2020 which addresses safety requirements for the design and use of industrial mobile robots. More here. 2021 January

Continuous Switching in Power Transistors – this week JEDEC Solid State Technology Association announced the publication of a new standards, JEP182 which provides testing and test circuit instruction to support the evaluation of power transistors under continuous switching conditions. More here. 2021 January

Identifier Reconfirmed for U.S. Securities – CUSIP Global Services announced this week that standard, the CUSIP Identifier, had been renewed as an ANSI ANS standard. Developed by the X9 committee, the standard “captures the unique attributes of issuers and their financial instruments throughout the U.S. and Canada.” More here. 2021 January

2021Annual Dinner Graphic

2021 Women in Standards Annual Dinner

The Future is Us – Celebrating Diversity in Standards

The Women in Standards was delighted to welcome our attendees in celebration of standardization and the amazing community that supports the development and use of standards at the 2021 Women in Standards Virtual Annual “Dinner.” More here.

The Road ahead for Structural Engineering – The joint virtual coalition of ACSE, CASE, NCSEA, and SEI recently announced that they will hold a town hall on 23 February to engage with the community and provide an update on their joint effort to ” identify and eradicate behaviors that perpetuate racism and inequality within the structural engineering profession.” More here. 2021 January

These Words are Explosive – ASTM International to develop standard terminology for the analysis of explosives. The initial draft was developed by the NIST Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science (OSAC) and will now be reviewed by the E30 committee of ASTM International in process to final publication. More here. 2021 January

Awards – Jen Haaland, NW Explorations – Recipient of the Bolling Fortson Douglas Memorial Award from ABYC for her dedication to the marine industry with the advancement of safety, education and standards in recreational boating. More here. 2021 January

New Chilean Soil Standards – INN, the standards body for Chile recently announced the publication of additional standards to support soil quality and building energy performance in the country. More here. 2021 January

Spray nozzleProtecting Water Systems From Hazards – IAPMO and ASSE announce the publication of Performance Requirements for Chemical Dispensers with Integral Backflow Protection, ANSI/CAN/ASSE/IAPMO 1055-2020. The standard supersedes the 2018 version and provide and sets performance requirements for dispensers that mix  water with chemicals into ready-to-use solutions. More here. 2021 January

Globe with piechart overlay identifying standards, metrology, and conformity assessment as key parts.Committed to Quality Policy Infrastructure – At a ceremony celebrating the accreditation of the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS), the Jamaican State Minister in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce underscored the Ministry’s commitment to a National Quality Policy supported by standards, metrology, and conformity assessment. More here. 2021 January

freshly caught fishCertifying Seafood – NSF International recently announced the acquisition of Global Trust Certification Ltd. The acquisition is expected to expand NSF International’s expertise in the seafood standards and certification industries globally, says President and CEO Kevan Lawler. More here. 2021 January

Man using virtual reality headsetFaster Than Ever – Video is leading in social and marketing outreach and is critical to the growing virtual reality market. The Versatile Video Coding (VVC) standard a product of industry and expert collaborations will cut bitrate and reduce demands on network traffic. More here. 2021 January

Paying with app on your phoneSecuring Financial Transactions – Source Defense announced this week that they had joined the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and will support the development of standards to increase payment security worldwide. More here. 2021 January

A Path Forward for Standards in the United States – ANSI announces the publication of an updated United States Standards Strategy (USSS). The strategy and ANSI responses to comments received from stakeholders emphasizes speed, relevance, and the needs of public interest groups in the standards development process. More here. 2021 January

Chris Lennon, CEO of MediAnswers

Contributing to Standardization – Chris Lennon, CEO of MediAnswers, discusses his experiences working with SMPTE to develop standards enabling open, interoperable services across all aspects of the media ecosystem. More here. 2021 January

City with the overlying technology.

A Smart Roadmap for Cities – Officials deploying technology to support city operations can now use PAS 186:2020, Smart cities – Supplying data products and services for smart communities – Code of practice to guide their product selection decisions. The standard, recently published by the British Standards Institution, includes ten recommendations to better evaluate product fit and help ensure better use case outcomes. More here. 2021 January

Health and Wellness

Improving Worker Safety – The EPA and OSHA announce MOU aimed at increasing collaboration between the two agencies on the issue of chemical exposure and worker safety. More here. 2021 January

Air Safety Measures – ASHRAE announces the publication of a new guidance on Reducing Airborne Infectious Aerosol Exposure. Developed by the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force, the document supports organizations as they work to meet exposure reduction goals. More here. 2021 January

Auditing Your System for Health and Safety Compliance – In support of efforts by businesses to ensure safety, ASSP recently released guidance based on ASSP standards Z10.0 A10.33 and others in preparing for and performing health and safety audits. More here. 2021 January

Breathing Easy – Ventilators will soon get much needed support with the publication of a new standard from ISO. ISO/DIS 80601-2-90
Medical electrical equipment is being finalized by ISO’s subcommittee ISO/TC 121/SC 3. More here. 2021 January

Device Safety in Hospitals – AAMI announces publication of a consensus report providing guidelines for the use of medical devices operated by remote control. More here. 2021 January

Using Poop to Predict Outbreaks – “Communities might see an increase of the #coronavirus in wastewater two to four days before a spike in hospitalizations” say experts. DHS joins initiative to #standardize how they gather virus data from sewer systems. More here. 2021 January

Covering Up – Communities will gain additional guidance this month with the publication of a new standard for community face coverings. The standard covers both single-use and re-usable face coverings and sets minimum performance requirements to ensure that penetration by respiratory droplets and other particles is limited. More here. 2021 January

A Cleaner Strategy – AAMI announces the publication of a revised ANSI/AAMI ST79 Comprehensive guide to steam sterilization and sterility assurance in health care facilities. The standards will provide medical practitioners and facilities with updated guidance on the use of steam to sanitize medical devices. More here. 2021 January

Let’s PDF it! – ISO announces an update to ISO 32000-2, Document management – portable document format – Part 2: PDF 2.0. The document addresses the format and structure of the digital document used by industry and well, everyone around the world. More here. 2021 January

Shared Responsibility Matrix for Security & Privacy – HITRUST in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure releases resources for defining security and privacy responsibilities between cloud service providers and their customers. More here. 2021 January

Ethics in Accounting, IESBA Leading the Way – The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants recently released a report highlighting their efforts from 2016-2020 to promote awareness, adoption, and implementation of the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants. More here. 2021 January

Repairing Our Nation’s Infrastructure – ACI and ICRI recently announced the publication of an updated “Guide to the Code for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures.” More here. 2021 January

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