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Medical Definitions – The committee on medical and surgical materials and devices (F04), ASTM International, invites all interested parties to participate in the revision of ASTM F2312, the terminology standard for tissue-engineered medical products (TEMP). Volunteers will also assist in revising the standard on classification of cellular and/or tissue-based products for skin wounds. All are welcome to apply, especially those with TEMP development experience. More here. 2021 February

Batteries of different sizesThermal Barriers in Batteries – Excessive heat and fires caused by lithium batteries have resulted in tighter regulation for oversight and shipping and increased concern from consumers as to the safety of their home devices. In an effort to address safety issues, KULR and CSA Group have partnered to develop a standard for testing the functionality and safe performance of thermal barriers used in batteries and related systems. The proposed new standard will be titled  C22.2 No. 350 Test Method for Safety and Performance of Thermal Barriers For Use in Batteries and Battery Based Energy Storage Systems. More here. 2021 February

Creation of an Ugandan National Accreditation System – In bid to address trade barriers and address requests from Ugandan conformity assessment bodies (CABs), the Ugandan legislature has introduced a bill to create a corporate body to oversee the accreditation of private and government calibration bodies, testing bodies, verification laboratories, certification bodies, inspection bodies and medical laboratories. Mr. David Livingstone Ebiru, the Acting Executive Director of the Uganda National Bureau of Stanbadards (UNBS) said he welcomed the change as a cost effective way to provide accreditation to UNBS and other CABs in the country. More here. 2021 February

Wrenches and pipesA Safe Way to Change the Pipes – Tradespeople play a critical role in ensuring the continued function and safety of building infrastructure. However, many are put at risk of bloodborne, waterborne, and airborne pathogens when addressing the water management needs of buildings. The recently published ASSE International ASSE Series 12000 standard now incorporates recommendations to address these risks and provide recommendations for safe practices while maintaining pipes in high risk areas. More here. 2021 February

Protected at Height – The American Society of Safety Professionals released this month a free guide to support business in ensuring the safety of employees. More here. 2021 February

Enhancing Airflow for Consumers – In win for consumers, the ICC, ACCA, and RESNET announce the publication of ANSI/RESNET/ACCA/ICC 310-2020 Standard for Grading the Installation of HVAC Systems. It’s estimated that “up to 30 percent of an HVAC system’s efficiency can be lost if it is improperly designed and installed.” The standard sets requirements for proper installation which, when followed, have the opportunity to improve efficiencies for consumers. More here. 2021 February

5G TelecommunicationsFCC Seeks Input on Standards for Open Radio Access Networks – This month the Federal Communications Commission acting Chair opened discussions on Open RAN as a mechanism to “drive 5G Security and innovation.” If adopted by the FCC, outreach to stakeholders would seek information on the current status of Open RAN development and deployment and where FCC may support standardization efforts. More here. 2021 February

Financial Industry

Redefining Public Interest – In two sessions to be held in March and reminiscent of a public townhall meeting the IESBA aims to map out the vision for the role of regulators, national standard setters and other relevant local bodies to refine the definition of the Public Interest Entity. IESBA is currently accepting comments on proposed revisions to the definitions of listed entity and public interest entity in the code (through March 3) and will map out next steps during calls with stakeholders. More here. 2021 February

Are US Financial Industries Getting the Message? – This month the ASC X9 launched an industry forum to discuss and identify issues with adoption of ISO 20022 in the US with the hopes of increase its use nationally. The forum will kick-off this month and is accepting participants. More here. 2021 February

Low-Touch Banking – Interest in Low-touch economy is growing, with businesses and consumers seeking ways to perform daily tasks hands-free. In an article by AURIGA, innovations in financial transactions at ATMs are explored with recommendations for creating a hands-free experience for consumers. More here. 2021 February

Assurance in Financial and Sustainability Reporting – In today’s market, reporting on an organization’s bottom line has shifted to include value creation through environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) initiatives. These integrated reports – ESG and Financial assessments – create hurdles for auditors in evaluating the true and fair nature of the reports. Through a joint initiative, the IFAC and IIRC seek to bring visibility to the issues involved in evaluating integrated reporting and seek alignment in the industry. They have also published an initial white paper on the issues and are seeking feedback from interested parties (Send feedback to More here. 2021 February

Officer Skills include driving the process, knowledge of committee rules, problem solving and more

[Press Release] Establishing the Framework for Standards Participation

Participants often join a standards body with no knowledge of the standards development process or what they will be expected to do as a participant. In answer to requests by stakeholders, the Women in Standards has published a competency framework for standards participants.

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Metal roofA Solid Roof for Consumers – The Tanzania Bureau of Standards, responding to consumer concerns, provided training this month to two new standards issued by the organization. The standards address specifications and requirements for iron sheets and coil used in roofs in the region and were developed to address the discovery of sub-standard roofing sheet in the market. More here. 2021 February

clothing on a rackA Better Way to Measure Change – How many of us have purchased new clothing only to have it shrink to unwearable sizes over time? To support the industry in evaluating the degree of change after washing , the AATCC has announced the availability of a new Skew & Shrinkage Template. More here. 2021 February

Image of mining areaSustainable Mining – This month IRMA, the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, announced that the Anglo American’s Unki platinum mine in Zimbabwe was the first mine in the world to achieve IRMA 75. The IRMA standard was developed with stakeholders such as Anglo American and is a comprehensive social and environmental standard for mined materials. More here. 2021 February

Suspended in Air – Injuries can occur when “a person working at height and using a harness accidentally falls and is left motionless, suspended by the harness for a period of time” warns British Compressed Gases Association. BCGA provides recommendations for training and rescue of suspended individuals. More here. 2021 February

Looking through car windowLooking Through the Window – NWRA and AGSC working in partnership to revise and update the Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard (ROLAGS) standard and continually maintain the standard long-term. All wishing to take part in the revision can reach out to AGSC and the next meeting to discuss development will be held in June 2021. More here. 2021 February

Women leaderISO Recognizes International Day of Women and Girls – Kicking off global celebrations, ISO announced the launch of its Gender Focal Point Network. The network brings together ISO members to discuss promotion of gender-inclusive practices in culture and standardization. More here. 2021 February

Airplane imagePartnership in Flight – EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE to continue collaboration through new Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) signed this month. The MoC will support their joint efforts to develop standards for the aviation industry including in areas of interoperability and harmonization. More here. 2021 February

Library with booksStandards Research Enhanced – The International Standards Organization (ISO) recently announced the launch of the ISO Research Library. A resource for stakeholders to access research and data on standards development. In a recent article published by ISO, the value of standardization in supporting global economy is highlighted. More here. 2021 February

Memory Enhanced – Persistent Memory devices store data and make that data available for use even after the processes that created them have ended. Publication of JESD304-4.01 DDR4 NVDIMM-P Bus Protocol incorporates the use of Persistent Memory into computing systems and will support industry as it continued to innovate. More here. 2021 February

Establishing Cybersecurity Guidance – Through a joint effort, ISO and IEC have published a technical specification to provide guidance on a minimum baseline for cybersecurity for both users and developers. More here. 2021 February

London street

UK Mark of Compliance – Marks, those labels or symbols on products that tell you the product is energy efficient, organic, or has another important feature will soon be joined by a new mark – the UKCA or “UK Conformity Assessed” mark. With the completion of Brexit, the new UK mark will replace the CE mark which will continue to be used by the European Union (EU). More here. 2021 February

Recovery After Pandemic

Collaborating on PPEs – Supporting communities, governments, and industry around the world, ASTM announces a new global collaboration platform on PPEs. Standards developers around the world, including ASTM are supporting safe and reliable face barrier use thought the development of use, care, labelling and conformity assessment requirements. The collaboration platform will work “
to identify and address, in an ongoing capacity, key challenges and needs” for personal protective equipment used in infection control. More here. 2021 February

Confusing Directions Made Easy – AAMI this month announced that they had completed work to update technical information report, TIR 12:2020. The report addresses the use of “instructions for Use” (IFUs) which explain how to process medical devices for reuse. The TIR “ensures that manufacturers not only know what information they need to provide, but also how to provide it.” More here. 2021 February 

Checklist imageA Checklist for the Pandemic – The NRSC Pandemic Checklist, an ATIS publication has been updated to include lessons learned and best practices identified during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The checklist provides guidance and best practices to safeguard communications infrastructure such as telework, telehealth, and more. More here. 2021 February

Innovating to Enhance Clinical Trials – Standards for data management, the use of AI, and automation (to name a few) play critical roles in the evolution of clinical trials. During the pandemic, innovations in technology have allowed vaccines to be developed, tested, and rolled out to consumers at a record setting speed, all supported by equally impressive innovations in the underlying standards. More here. 2021 February

solar panels on a barn roofInstallation Made Easier – IAPMO announces the release of the 2021 editions of the Uniform Solar, Hydronics and Geothermal Code® (USHGC) and Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code® (USPSHTC). Both standards establish parameters for installation and inspection to support a safe installation process. More here. 2021 February

Advancing Canadian Consumer-lead Banking – The CIO Strategy Council announced in late 2020 projects to develop digital credentials and digital wallets, supporting discussions by the Canadian Advisory Council on Open Banking to establish a consumer-directed framework in Canada. The CIO Strategy Council is working with industry and solicitating additional participation in the development of standards. More here. 2021 February

Bowl of detergent powderPowder Detergents now in Larger Sizes – Following research supporting larger grain size reduced energy costs and detergent waste during production and use, AATCC has announced the revision and publication of its standard 1993 Standard Reference Detergent Powder. More here. 2021 February

GMPs for Drug Compounders – The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) will soon be providing training on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and more to pharmaceutical compounders. The program was established in partnership with the FDA’s Compounding Quality Center of Excellence and  Deloitte Consulting, LLP and will build on PDA’s current training programs to offer and expanded set of virtual and in person courses. More here. 2021 February

INN and ASIPLA to Continue Partnership – The Instituto Nacional de Normalizacion (INN) and Asociación Gremial de Industriales del Plástico de Chile (ASIPLA) announced this month that they have renewed and expanded upon their agreement to work collaboratively on areas of mutual interest. More here. 2021 February


Banking Made Easy – The ASC X9 launched a new project this week to develop audit confirmation and account verification exchange standards. The project will be supported by a recently formed working group on confirmations and verifications. ASC X9 is seeking volunteers to participate on the standards effort. More here. 2021 February

Holding a glass of waterCleaner Water for Consumers – ASSE International announced this week the publication of a new standard for water processing systems, the ASSE LEC 2008-2021, Point of Entry Anion Exchange — Nitrate Reduction. More here. 2021 February

Sustainability and Green Innovation

Fish Farmed Responsibly – Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) announced this month that the first US farm had achieved certification to the ASC Seriola and Cobia Standard. The standard includes requirements for sustainability, environmental stewardship, and safety to prevent disease outbreaks. More here. 2021 February.

DiamondCertified Green & Sustainable Diamonds – Consumers can now chose to purchase certified sustainable diamonds from WD Lab Grown Diamonds thanks to a new provisional standard from SCS Standards, SCS 007. The standard includes Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of the manufacturing process to confirm compliance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements. More here. 2021 February

The Future of Next-generation Electrical Systems – Using batteries to run cars and other next-generation electrical systems will require designs that keep safety in mind. Charging creates a lot of heat and without standards in place, overheating can cause fires and other damage.  Standards developer IPC International Inc. is addressing this risk by working with technical experts to develop a standard, IPC-9791, for cables and interconnections. More here. 2021 February

UK Electric Vehicle Use – BSI recently announced the publication of two standards for electrical vehicle batteries. Both were developed as part of the Faraday Battery Challenge Standardization Programme. More here. 2021 February

Supporting Energy Innovation and Growth – The Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA) and the Association of Energy Service Companies (AESC) have announced their plans to join to form a new combined organization. The new organization which will be named the Energy Workforce & Technology Council will support the industry by continuing and enhancing the important standardization, professional development, and promotion of innovation services that the previous organizations offered. More here. 2021 February

Priorities in Cybersecurity – In support of securing New South Wales Australia infrastructure, the NSW Standards Harmonisation Taskforce has published a report of their evaluation of potential cyber risks. The report includes recommendations to enhance the security in seven priority sectors and identifies priority areas for standards development. More here. 2021 February

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