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Turning Paper Documents into Vehicles for Innovation

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Event Summary

On June 24, 2021, the Women in Standards welcomed Beth Ellen Dibeler, Suzanne Daulerio, and Vandana Sharma to discuss how they are  innovating standards for a new audience which demands a digital landscape to discuss their journeys and how others in the standards world can take part, learn and grow, and seek their digital transformations.

Paper, the main vehicle used for standards delivery for over a century is transitioning to digital platforms. Gone are the days when most customers would receive a book of standards in the mail. Replaced with digital versions or online access, customer desire for the data found in standards delivered in innovative ways and with functions never before considered by standards developers is only growing.

Beth Ellen Dibeler spoke to attendees about the SAE’s work with users to develop the SAE OnQue system. The digital standards system allows SAE customers to integrate SAE standards into their workflows and to search standards for needed specifications and data in a streamlined manner.

Suzanne Daulerio discussed the development of the ASTM 360 platform, Compass, and other ASTM serviecs. To deliver on customer needs, Suzanne credits early interactions with users and design thinking techniques so that ASTM can learn and refine their content to meet the unique needs of their customers.

Vandana Sharma, discussed the work of Infobeans to support standards organizations as they begin their digital journeys. When a standards organization is just beginning to evaluate their need to innovate, Vandana notes the importance of understanding where the organization’s customers are at and what they want in regards to digital solutions. It’s also important to consider the organization’s apatite to innovate and what they would consider short term and long term successes.

During the panel session, an attendee noted that a leading standards organization had announced that they would phase out use of PDFs to deliver standards and panelists discussed the use cases of using HTML and XML to deliver standards using digitalization. The next generation of standards delivery might well be machine readable standards with one panelist noting that developing standards in a digital first format may be the future for most developers.

When exploring the future of machine readable standards use cases and speed bumps were identified. The use of software by industry to ‘read’ and incorporate standards into workflows brings many benefits, but which text to digital mechanism should be used? Software between industries and the use cases of users is not harmonized, making the decision to go digital a difficult one for standards organizations.


Suzanne Daulerio Headshot

Suzanne Daulerio

Suzanne Daulerio has 15 years’ experience as a Product Manager at ASTM International (ASTM), a standards development organization in West Conshohocken, PA. More than 30,000 volunteer members of ASTM work in an open and transparent process to deliver nearly 13,000 test methods, specifications, guides and practices that support industries and governments worldwide. 

Ms. Daulerio is responsible for product planning and execution for a variety of ASTM products and services designed for the consumers of ASTM member benefits and tools, content, software, services and other technologies. She worked to launch ASTM’s first digital library and continued to expand and enhance the functionality of this now flagship product known as ASTM Compass©. Ms. Daulerio also helped drive the introduction of ASTM’s first Product Advisory Councils, which consists of members and customers who are integral in helping ASTM assess and validate the direction for ASTM products, ensuring ASTM is in sync with customers’ technology and business needs. Previously she spent 10+ years in the medical communications industry directing both print and digital continuing education and promotional programs for healthcare professionals.

Vandana Sharma headshot

Vandana Sharma

After studying Architecture for 5 years and completing 100s of built projects during my 16-year gig reaching the top of the ladder fairly quickly, I realized that to keep learning at a pace I wanted to, I needed a radical shift!

I walked out from my high paying, comfortable, dazzling design office to bridge the gap of communication between the creator and consumer.

I now help start-ups and enterprises engage with their customers better by giving them an experience that is deeply meaningful. I work with some of the most incredible product strategists, researchers, design engineers and creative makers to create powerful software for people we serve.

My work helps my clients discover gaps to create the logical and sometimes the extraordinary with the help of software that serves!

Beth Ellen Dibeler Headshot

Beth Ellen Dibeler

Beth Ellen Dibeler is a product manager at SAE International. Beth Ellen is responsible for the digital standards system, OnQue, standards product line and EDE Research Reports. As product manager, she is responsible for product development, implementation and commercialization of the different product lines. She brings over 5 years of product management experience in the publishing industry and nearly 10 years working in the STEM fields.

Beth Ellen holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration focusing on Marketing and Business Leadership from Clarion University and is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration from Katz School of Business at University of Pittsburgh. She is a Certified Product Manager through AIPMM.

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