A Standards Developing Organization (SDO) is an entity that creates and/or publishes standards. And the definition for standards developing organization is also taken from a standard (SOURCE: ISO/TS 27790:2009, 3.70). Standards exist all around us to establish what safety mechanism need to be in products, what rules we need to follow when driving, and how services are meant to be provided by providers, to name a few examples.

You can participate in standards, everyone can. Women in Standards is here to help you learn about standards and how they’re developed, to help connect you with standards developers that you might like to work with, and to support you as your learn and grow in the standards community.

Gain Valuable Education on the Standards Process

Standards developing organizations and associations and industry groups that support standards development offer a wide range of courses. Women in Standards also offers a wide range of tutorials, interactive panels, and other content to support your learning. 

Education Resources

Volunteering in Standards Development

As a standards volunteer you play an important role in supporting the development of standards and we want to support you in being successful.

Here you’ll find a helpful guide and a list of education, skills, and abilities that can contribute to your success.

Trying to find an SDO? Visit our SDO directory! Available to members-only, join today.

Volunteer Expectations

Contributing Your Unique Viewpoint

You can volunteer your expertise in different ways.

One is by providing feedback on standards developed by standards developing organizations. Many publish drafts of their standards and seek the public’s feedback and this is a great time for you to support their work.

Women in Standards also maintains a list of standards that are currently available for review and public comment.

Public Comment

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