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Standards Developing Organizations - SDO Review

A Standards Developing Organization (SDO) is an entity that creates and/or publishes standards. (SOURCE: ISO/TS 27790:2009, 3.70) Such an organization could also be referred to as as standardizing body and encompasses a wide variety of organizations.

Selecting an SDO to work with and develop standards with first starts with identifying an SDO that is working in an area where you have an interest such as food, health and safety, or engineering. Once you’ve identified an SDO, review their participation options and requirements and determine at what level you’d like to become involved.

Some SDOs provide opportunities for the general public to submit comments on their standards. Others require that you be a full member to participate.

To help you find and select an SDO, the Women in Standards manages a directory of known SDOs. To access the directory, log in to the members portal and then go to the Knowledge Center > Standards Education drop down. In the Women in Standards SDO Directory, you will find information on how to submit public comment (if available) and also how to join the SDO’s standards development process (if available).

Women in Standards also maintains a list of standards that are currently available for review and public comment.

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Women in Standards has developed a resource page dedicated to remote work with tips, articles, and best practices. 

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