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National Electrical Manufacturers AssociationNational Electrical Manufacturers Association

National Electrical Manufacturers Association

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Related to: Connectors for electrical utility transmission, overhead and underground distributions and substations Electricity meters and devices used for revenue Mechanical and electrical interchangeability, performance characteristics, and terminology for equipment used in roadway lighting Indoor and outdoor lighting systems Chemical systems, dimensions, nomenclature, terminal configurations, markings, test --methods, typical performance, safety, and environmental aspects of Portable cells and batteries Ratings, dimensions for interchangeability and tests for apparatus insulators and line insulators Power switchgear and integral/articulated unit/substations Direct current generators and for direct current motors Alternators, synchronous motors, synchronous condensers, and phase advancers, synchronous frequency converters, and synchronous rotary phase converters Induction motors and induction machines in general Synchronous converters; field control converters; synchronous booster converters and cascade converters Electric lamps Insulated and covered electrical wires and cables, copper and optical fiber communications cables Rigid metal conduit and electrical metallic tubing raceway systems Incandescent lamps, electric discharge lamps Ballasts and transformers for electric discharge lamps, and for the individual lamp transformers AC systems and equipment Energy storage systems Ground rod electrodes, ground rod couplers and associated equipment Arc welding, plasma arc cutting, and allied processes
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Standards out for public comment are published to the ANSI Standards Action
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Follow link: See committees on Connectors for Electric Utility Application, Electricity Metering, Roadway and Area Lighting, Lighting Systems, Portable Cells and Batteries, Insulators for Electric Power Lines, Power Switchgear, Rotating Electrical Machinery, Electric Lamps, Insulated Wires and Cables, Raceways for Electrical Wiring Systems, Electric Lamp Bases and Holders, Lamp Ballasts, Preferred Voltage Rating for AC Systems and Equipment, Energy Storage Systems, Ground Rod Electrodes, Ground Rod Couplers and Associated Equipment, Requirements for Apparatus Designed for Use in Arc Welding, Plasma Arc Cutting, and Allied Processes, Safety Signs and Colors

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