Why should you, as a consumer, participate in standards development? Here’s a few quick reasons:

  • Products bought and sold in stores are produced according to standards.
    • Worried about product safety? Get involved in the standards’ development to ensure new products include the safety features you feel are needed.
    • Worries about cybersecurity features and your privacy? Help develop the requirements that products should meet to ensure your data is secure
    • Hate the design of some products, it’s never ‘user friendly?’ Give the industry your two-cents at the standards development level and help them design new and better products that work for you.
    • Do you have a disability that prevents you from using certain products? Participate in revising the standards so that they are inclusive of your needs.

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  • Testing, inspection, certification – these services are performed in accordance with regulations and standards. Your input helps ensure that information produced is helpful, valuable, and easy to understand.
  • Financial managements, document management, even human resources and business management, are guided by standardization. Don’t like the way your company does something? Try working with the standards developing organization to enact positive change. 

Whatever your interest, there is a place for you in the standards development process and your voice is valuable to the conversation.

Join Women in Standards, we’ll help you find the right SDO and support you with education and a few cheers for each success.

Consumer Tip

Some Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) offer support for consumers to participate. If you're a consumer and want to participate, select an SDO (here's a helpful list) and call, email, or check their websites to see if they offer financial support.  


Example: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Consumer participants on STPs receive the following support:

  1. Training sessions for new volunteers
  2. Financial support for travel expenses to attend STP meetings
  3. $250 per day honorarium