Building a Strong Network

Sometimes growth in one job means looking for that next job. The average time salary workers stick with an employer before moving on is currently 4.6 years. That’s according to an Economic News Release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The newer workforce is staying shorter amounts of time, perhaps looking for that ‘perfect’ job or slowly racking up experience points in each position along the way. But how to find that mythical ‘forever job?’ For some, it may be more of a ‘perfect for now’ scenario in which case, the ability to find that next perfect position is key.

One approach is to build a network in the industry you work in. Making it easier to hear about open positions at organizations or in locations on your wish list. We’ve done the leg work, check out these recommendations for growing your personal network. 

  • Find a mentor (from a great way to gain experience is by assisting a senior standards professional and gaining valuable instruction, feedback, and perhaps a tip about a new job.
  • Be a Fact Finder (from a meet and greet can be a flurry of hand shakes and smiles, but what did you learn? Who did you meet? Take time to connect fully with one or two people, get to know them and what makes them unique.
  • Follow-up (from reaching out to a new contact and ensuring you reconnect at a later date; these steps help to form long-lasting connection and are a building block to turning a casual acquaintance into a long term colleague.
  • Share with Others (from assist others by introducing them to someone new. Bring a friend or work colleague to an event and assist them in making new contacts.

A supportive network can be helpful in many ways, both in helping you achieve your goals and motivating you to take on roles and work you hadn’t considered. Once you have your network, remember to ask for help when you need it.

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