You can participate in standards, everyone can. Women in Standards is here to help you learn about standards and how they are developed, to help connect you with standards developers that you might like to work with, and to support you as your learn and grow in the standards community.

Women in Standards has developed a framework that outlines the skills, knowledge, and abilities that have been found to be valuable for a volunteer supporting the development of standards to have. This content was developed to support the community and standards developing organizations are free to use the framework when seeking new standards volunteers. Please support Women in Standards by linking to this page to help your volunteers better understand the framework and their role in standards development.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Participating on a standards committee.

Participation in standards can include in person and virtual meetings, reading and writing, reviewing and providing feedback, and other critical steps. 

Leading a standards committee.

Leading as a Chair or Officer will provide you leadership, negotiation, project management and other critical skills. It’s a rewarding accomplishment and involves strong leadership, guidance, and compromise. 

Valued Attributes

Standards Volunteer

Review the full list of valued experience, education and training, and skills and capabilities.

Standards volunteers benefit from skills and abilities such as being persuasive, oral and written communication, and interpreting technical writing.

Standards Officers and Chairs

Review the full list of valued experience, education and training, and skills and capabilities.

Officer Skills include driving the process, knowledge of committee rules, problem solving and more

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