Achieving Career Superstar Status

Plan, Act, Achieve

Seek career success by setting your goals, establishing a plan of action, setting celebration milestones, and working it till you get there.

Whether you’re super happy with your work, or looking for something new, continuing to pursue professional development will open new doors and opportunities over time. You might fall into a new position that didn’t exist before or suddenly find yourself in the perfect position for a new job that seems created just for you.

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Pivoting is a term used to describe a change you make to your career or life where you’re moving in one direction and you decide to change course.

But how do you get started? In which direction should you pivot? Try taking a career test to help fit your values, skills and abilities to careers that would be a good fit. Try more than one, leaning on the skills you most enjoy using. [1]

Rockstar Skills

While you’re mapping your skills, honestly assess your ability to perform those skills.

Are you great, just so-so, or really need to do some work? If you genuinely enjoy doing certain things but you are kind of terrible at them, that might be your first step in developing an action plan. Ask yourself these three questions to get started:

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you like doing?
  • How good are you?
Set Goals and Actions

A goal is a stretch, it’s something you want to achieve, but you can only get there if you work hard.

If you can already do five push-ups, setting a goal to do five push-ups, is not a true goal. Not sure what a true goal would be? Look at people who are successful in the job you want to do. Are they able to do 100 push-ups? Are they able to give a 60-min presentation without notes? Once you identify a goal, develop a realistic plan to get you there. If you can do five push-ups now and you need to reach 100, how many additional push-ups per week or month would you need to do to get there? The same applies for developing as a public speaker, writer, or manager.

Track, Monitor, Reassess

Once you’ve established your goals and your action plan for reaching those goals, regularly assess your progress.

Don’t procrastinate! If you’d like to attend 3 classes this year or read 15 books on management, you won’t get there waiting until November to check in. Hold yourself accountable and be ready to pivot. If you thought you’d like business and you discover that it’s super boring switch goals! And come up with a new action plan.

Seeking change and growth in your professional development starts with self-assessment, leads to goals and actions, and ends with you crawling over that finish line.


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